Unit Test – Physics Std 10 (chapter 1 and 2 )

1.Write the names of the following materials used to (4)
electroplate an iron Ring with Gold
a. Anode;
b. Cathode:
c. Electrolyte:
d. Can we use AC as power supply? Justify Your Answer

2.Fill suitably (3)
a. In Discharge lamp Hydrogen: Blue, Neon: ...................
b. Filament: Tungsten, Heating Coil:.....................
c. Resisitivity: Wm , Power:......................

3.In the figure, the primary coil A has 100 number of turns and secondary (6)
coil B has 300 number of turns. 6 Volt , 3 Amp AC supply is given to the coil A, then

a. Find out the Voltage in B?

b. Find out the Current in B?

c. Which type of transformer is this?
d. What is the working principle of a transformer?

4.a. Which type of generator is this? (4)

b. Draw the graph of emf from this generator?

c. Does there is any change in the emf, if the armature alone is rotated or the Field magnet alone is rotated ?

d. Can we use this as a motor? Justify your answer?

5.a. Find out the Resistance of Resistor R? (3)

b. Find out the Power?

c. Can we save energy by using inductor instead of Resistor? Justify?

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