10th 2 units - Class Test

Unit Test – Physics Standard 10
    1. A wave formed in 4 second is given below. Analyse it and answer the following questions-
    a) What is the amplitude of this wave? (1)
    b) What is its frequency? (1)
    c) What is the wavelength of this wave? (1)
    d) Find out the velocity? (2)

    1. One of the string of a guitar has a natural frequency 312 Hz. When a tuning fork of natural frequency 400 Hz is excited and placed near the guitar, the string vibrates.
      a. In which name the vibration of the string is known? (1)
      b. What will be the frequency of the string at this time? (1)
      c. Do there any chance to have resonance here? Justify. (1)

    3. Join A, B, C suitably (3)
         A                                                        B                                         C
    a. Alloy of Lead & Tin                    Electric Iron                                High Resistivity
    b. Tungsten                                      Safety Fuse                                High Melting Point
    c. Nichrome                                     Incandescent Lamp                    Low Melting Point

    4. Fill the blanks suitably (3)
    a. In a discharge lamp Hydrogen : Blue ; Chlorine : __________
    b. Ohm's Law : V= IR, Joule's Law : ___________
    c. Power : W ; Heat :____________


a. Find out the resistance of the filaments of each lamp. Which has less resistance? (2)
    b. Find out the Heat produced in the Lamp B in 10 minutes (2)
      1. c. Find out the heat produced in the Lamp B in 10 minutes,if it works in 125 V? (2)


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