Transit of Venus- 06 June 2012

Transit of Venus- 06 June 2012 will be a life time opportunity for everyone on the Earth.

what is Transit?
When Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun ,it is Solar eclipse. Howe ever,when either Mercury or Venus -Either of the interior planets-comes between the Sun and the Earth ,it called Transit
The discs of the planets of Mercury and Venus ,As seen from the Earth ,are much smaller than that of moon .Therefore they make no more than a small black dot when they move in front of the face of the Sun as we see in the picture shown above .

On June 06/2012 ,we shall have the good fortune of watching Venus move across the disc of the Sun.
In India, on 06 June 2012, transit will commence well before sun rises and one can observe the phenomena on Sun’s projected image or through approved solar filters supplied by authorised agencies from morning hours to mid morning.

Transit times[AM] -1st contact-3-10-56, 2nd contact -3-28-52, Mid transit -4-51-55, 3rd contact-9-34-47, 4th contact -9-52-10

The first recorded observation of the transit of Venus was done by the British Priest, Jeremiah Horrocks, in 1639. Jeremiah Horrocks was the first who used his observations to measure the Earth to Sun distance, called the Astronomical Unit (AU).

The next pair of transit of Venus will occur in 2117 and 2125, making it truly once in life time opportunity. !!!!!!!!!



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